Exhibiting Change at the I.M.O.W. Gala

Change was in the air at I.M.O.W.'s Annual Gala 2009, held in San Francisco on March 4 in celebration of International Women's Day. Guests came out in their very best dress to support I.M.O.W. at its biggest fundraising event of the year. We asked our guests the question: How Do YOU Exhibit Change? and encouraged them to be our poster women by posing with their answer. They could not have been more excited. Four hundred guests snapped nearly 200 photos of themselves, with partners, and as entire groups. They exhibited change not only through their support of I.M.O.W., but also as community leaders, parents, and informed citizens.
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Credit: I.M.O.W.

Here is a selection of our Gala participants posing with their answers to the question: How Do YOU Exhibit Change? To view all of the answers or to purchase prints of your photo, click here. To read a summary of the evening's events, view the I.M.O.W. Blog.

Our community is continuing the photo campaign virtually. See the How Do YOU Exhibit Change? photo thread and submit your answer!

If you would like to have your photo removed, please email team@imow.org.


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