Size 0

What is Size 0 supposed to be, anyway? Although there are women who are size 0, the fashion industry's coining of the term has psychological implications of nothingness, of not having a size, of not having an identity. And yet, it is still seen as desirable to be thin.

As a mixed-media artist, I combine traditional sewing techniques with newer digital technology to create figurative pieces that reflect on female issues of body image, beauty and identity.

Size 0

Size 0 # 2


Internal Flame

We are surrounded by infinite negative influences for physical perfection. This is a trap to be avoided. Through my awkward, distorted figures, I poke fun at the concept of perfection and also celebrate the inner beauty of internal imagery.

A duality of existence is forever present on Earth: hate and love, ugliness and beauty, higher and lower consciousness. Body image, beauty, and identity can be viewed and experienced internally and externally. They can also be transformed in the individual, depending on one's attitude, viewpoint and experience.

I believe in an unfolding of consciousness, defined as a striving for higher virtues such as patience, love, humility and detachment.


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I am not to sure about this because the art is so shocking. But I think this is the expected reaction. I believe western society's fixation with a woman's dress size is dangerous for how women view themselves. Society should celebrate all women regardless of shape or size.

Colleen Rand
United States

As always, Diana's work moves your thinking to a new level and appreciation of art and women.

Diana Riukas
Diana Riukas
United States

Thank-you for your comments Colleen and Osai. I don't agree that my work is shocking. I believe it is thought provoking and beautiful in its raw truth and honesty. Another friend, Donna Cotzen, M.D. told me:"Your art on the internet is really great. Boy, this stuff about the body is soooo important."

Diana Riukas
Diana Riukas
United States

Donnette Zacca from Jamaica comments:
'Size 0' is such a powerful body of work.

The idea of merging the human sizes in one image, plus it's negative and positive forms has in a way suggested that,
irrespective of sizes we are one of the same.

It is such a shame that so many women has lost their self worth because of the fallacy of beauty. It will get worst as long as the fashion industry operates in the way it does. It is the change in paradigm that we must look forward too as you suggest. Peace , love and respect.

Very good Diana.

United States

Very interesting take on the Size 0. The idea of striving toward size zero (or at least toward non-sensical goals of your physical being) and non-identity is really though provoking!

These are disturbing images, but I truly believe in the dichotomy you speak of...especially in relation to the higher virtues you list, because those have their opposite and the struggle of Life implies that we must go through the opposite of those virtues before we can truly value what the flip-side benefits of the "higher" ones are.

We truly are like flowering beings in that respect. Maturity brings greater confidence in living from those values that bring positive things in life. And beautifully and quite miraculously, that opportunity is open to all.

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