Open Language

Open Language is about what we leave out when we communicate and the relationship between hand gestures and language.

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Additional camera: Victor Ruano
Andrea Lira
I created a series of portraits where women from different backgrounds and nationalities talk about relationships and love. My hope is to reveal personalities and emotions by concentrating on small fragmented gestures, so that the viewer can read the subtleties of their stories and complete their thoughts.


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United States

Awesome and intelligent work!

Hand gestures it is really the language of humanitarian
.. Very nice work
All the Best

Andrea Lira
Andrea Lira
United States

Thank you!

I agree, hand gestures are a very important part of language, like silence too.

Deleted User

A very creative video to implement action plans for a better world, a place where it is easier for everyone to communicate with each other. I think the sign language should not only be used to communicate with the disabled but is actually a universal language that should be taught at schools all around the world.

I once recall a story ,that is partially related to this subject, about a friend of mine who was at a chocolate factory in Paris(This friend of mine doesn't speak french) He was at the cashier struggling to ask the accountant about the price. The proud french worker understood what my friend said in english and replied to him in french ! When the french man realized that the queue was getting longer he finally spoke in english.

There should be a gesture/sign universal language that makes all of us proud and communicative.

very creative work
loved it.

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