The World Is Made for You

God made this world
for you to be in it,
its beauty for your joy
small streams with whirls
for you to bathe in
and sunbeams as your toy.

He made the moon
to cover you in silver veil
and gently say good night,
while hummingbirds tune in
their lullaby and sing:
"We love you, dear... Sleep tight."

The flowers, birds and bees
he made to keep you company
and be your friends.
The summer breeze
he made to gently comb your hair,
the storm to slay your fiends.

The high blue sky of spring
gave color to your eyes,
and twinkles from the stars
brought laughter in
to fill your generous
warm and joyful heart.

God made this world
for you to be in it,
...and then he made me, too,
to share with you his work
in cheerful harmony.
I love you, dear... I do.


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life , Beatiful!!


Heidi Sieck
United States

A beautiful, stunning poem.
Yet, I'm called to wonder...why God is expressed as a man in this context and in this exhibit and in this poem.
God as 'he' is a paradigm that I challenge all of us to consider as we explore our human lives.
"God" is not gendered.

New Zealand

a beautiful reminder - thankyou :)

Ana Cordova
Ana Cordova
United States

Lovely Poem

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