Finding Her Place

In my paintings, installations and performance art, I explore the ideas of “travel,” “transition,” and “adaptation” in different levels and spectrums – physically, temporally, culturally, linguistically, emotionally, and spiritually. As I immigrated to the United States in my late-teenage year/early adulthood, the experience of cultural shift and abrupt loss of the communities in which I had been actively engaged changed my view of myself, my root, and my relationship to the “other” worlds. In my artworks, I am interested in contesting the psychological landscape and temporal shift affected by memories, history, as well as the cultural and built environments. I use references of mythologies, folk arts productions, historical iconographies, as well as maps of reality and imagination in my art-making. The works I create often incorporate words, references of classical poems in calligraphy, and metallic colors to manifest the shimmering past.
Carol Ng-He
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Gaze is a response to the traditional Chinese men’s fetishism of aesthetics at the expense of women’s suffrage. In gazing the lotus shoes, an ancient Chinese man’s desire of small or “bound feet” is placed on women’s pain. Gaze confronts the viewers to rethink at what cost our contemporary culture makes in the pursuit of “beauty.”

In Back to the Root, a Chinese proverb reads “falling leaves return to the root” – which means one must return to the origin after pilgrimage. The word “Falling” and the re-surfaced gold leaf evoke this sense of longing to the “golden age” from one’s origin.


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