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About Lucia Madriz

Agriculture, Gender, and Sustainability in Costa Rica


Lucia Madriz has participated in several collective exhibits among them Dead or Alive at MAD Museum, New York (2010), Utropicos 31 Bienal Pontevedra, Spain,(2010), SPORA I Bienal de Arte Efímero en Granada, Spain (2009), X Bienal de La Habana (2009), Turbulence. 3rd Auckland Triennial. New Zealand (2007), IX Bienal Internacional de Pintura de Cuenca, Ecuador (2007), Estrecho Dudoso. Teorética –MADC, Costa Rica (2006).

Some of her solo exhibits: Ties. Galerie Borchardt. Hamburg, Germany,(2010), Veritas- performance at DesPacio, Costa Rica (2009), Axis at the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, Costa Rica (2008), Situación Especial, DesPacio (2008), Extraversión, Fundación Teorética. (2007), Alteridades. Galería Jacobo Karpio (2006), Erscheinen, Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe, Germany (2004), 4 Artistas, 4 curadores. MADC. San José, Costa Rica (2003).
One of the most important aspects of my work is the possibility to question.
For me art is a medium where to present issues and establish dialogue with the public. This dialogue doesn’t necessarily goes through language and rational thought but also through the re- calling of experiences including the ssensorial and emotional ones.

I am interested in environmental issues in general but the focus is shifting towards the individual. Policies and compromises are certainly important but is the capability to identify oneself as a human creature living in a planet what really interests me: How is our relationship with nature? What do we consider to be natural in our daily life? How life recalls death? Why does a distance exist between nature and citizens? How do we relate to our own organism? Is there a reflex of our own perception of the world? Is distance a result of culture or a real need?

The installations made of basic grains deal with alimentary sovereignty and genetically modified food issues. These crops are accompanied by a total dependency economic model and affect directly the rural population worldwide, pollute waterbeds and contaminate other crops.

I have often meet people who are concerned but feel that they cannot do anything about climate change, pollution and or abuse.
There is always a little something we can do, mostly in our own lives.

Installation made of black beans, red beans, corn and rice. 13 ft diameter. Most of them are 13ft x 13ft.
you can see more of my work on www.luciamadriz.com


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