<span dir='ltr' class='ltrWrapper'>The Harvest - 2008</span>

The Harvest - 2008


This painting was completed in 2008 and was chosen for the month of September for the 2009 calendar for McGill University's Social Equity & Diversity Education department (SEDE) in Montreal.
THE HARVEST is a metaphor for the richness that is life. The movement in the painting symbolizes what we women do on a daily basis all over the world. We sow, we feed, we share, we reap AND we overcome.

The image was inspired after I attended a meeting of the Montreal Council of Women where women of all backgrounds sat together in solidarity to express themselves and share their views to shape policy that would improve the lives of women and children in the city of Montreal.

The apple orchard is our universe. The fruit are our talents which are picked at appropriate moments, then sorted, distributed and shared with the rest of humanity. The women are of various ethnic origins as exemplified in their dress and the color of their skin.
We know that when we enfranchise a woman in one country, we enfranchise women all over the world.

I want my art to play a role in lifting people's spirits, challenging their assumptions, provoking thought and thus promote dialogue between peoples towards peace.

Acrylic painting, 24 x 30 ins, on stretched canvas.


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harvest , Cheryl Braganza , Acrylic , Canvas

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