<span dir='ltr' class='ltrWrapper'>Discover Women's Economic Influence</span>

Discover Women's Economic Influence

How is Women's Economic Power Transforming the World?


On this episode of See Jane Do join us on our journey to discover how women's economic influence is transforming the world. Participate in the Caring Campaign with best selling author Riane Eisler and learn how to unleash your economic power with author, Maddy Dychtwald. Balance a budget and run for office with Nevada State Treasurer, Kate Marshall and uncover the secrets to making a million with entrepreneur, Gina Robison-Billups. Featured on KVMR 89.5
الرجاء تفعيل جافا سكريبت وتركيب برنامج فلاش لمشاهدة أشرطة الفيديو.
Discover Women's Economic Influence
Women now make up over half of the work force. We control up to 85% of what's bought or purchased in the United States and women control 60% of the wealth. Why is it then that most women don't feel economically powerful? In fact, about 90% of women surveyed said they don't feel financially secure.

In order to make a difference and enhance the planet we need to feel comfortable with our level of influence and in this nation, money talks.

In this episode of See Jane Do we set out to discover how our economic influence can create positive change and the steps we need to take to feel more confident around our purchase power.

We feature interviews with several extraordinary women including, Maddy Dychtwald, author of Influence: How Women's Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better.

We'll also speak with best selling author, Riane Eisler who is creating ways to implement a new economy. Through Eilser's extensive research she's concluded that the real wealth of our nation is its people, that we are at a tipping point that requires a fundamental change.

Continuing the journey towards financial empowerment our program also includes interviews with Nevada State Treasurer, Kate Marshall and Gina Robison-Billups, founder of The National Association for Moms in Business and Moms Making a Million.

See Jane Do is a multimedia program featured on KVMR 89.5 and host of the Passion into Action Women's Conference. We capture the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet.



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