I am a women with many heritages, I recently discovered that I’m a victim of predatory lending. As a single parent that raised her children. I am now looking at my retirement and children’s wealth possibly disappearing. The Bank holding my Mortgage in no way will help me to modify my loan. This bank told me it was a interest only loan, but in fact I was told it’s the worse loan ever. Gulf Coast Legal Services. It is a Deferred interest and adding approx. 25,0000 to my principle. I believe because there is still equity in my home that this bank has no interest in modifying my loan. The interviewer is on the phone with no proof of documentation. Calculating your life and deciding not to modify, all in 10 minutes.
I believe that a nation that does not protect its women and children. Well no longer be a strong nation.
We do need strong consumer protection and soon.
Deborah at dsarti@juno.com