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Who Knows the Earth Best?
Sibongile Masuku is a self-described eco-feminist who has lived and worked in concert with the earth her whole life. She grew up in Swaziland, and now works in South Africa. She's served as an environmental activist in various capacities, and acted as an advisor to the South African Government on environmental conservation...
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Living Between Worlds
Still in her early 20s, Egyptian women's rights activist Hadil El-Khouly is a devout Muslim and a Feminist. She grew up in a part of the world where religion is a cornerstone of identity...
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Saudi Arabia: Women Without the Vote
Businesswoman and women's rights activist Rasha Hifzi grew up and lives in a part of the world earmarked as one of the few remaining countries where women still do not have the right to vote for their representatives in government: Saudi Arabia...
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Benazir Bhutto and Beyond
In December, 2007, as we were preparing to launch this exhibition, the news broke that Benazir Bhutto had been assassinated in Pakistan. A former prime minister who lived in exile for nearly a decade, Bhutto had returned to her country to once again participate in the highest levels of government, only to be gunned down in the lead up to elections, mere months after her return...
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Women and the Economy
During the October, 2008, U.S. financial crisis and government bailout, television and radio reporting showcased a parade of male commentators affiliated with Wall Street, the country's financial hub. A sampling of soundbites from these pundits would lead anyone to believe that only such "experts' could make sense of these massively complex economic transactions. But activist Meizhu Lui has been debunking myths and demystifying economic concepts--all while organizing women to act--for more than 30 years...
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