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Democracy starts in Bed
I want to find democracy in Bed Not in the World –first in my Bed If Charity begins at home Shouldn't Democracy start in bed? We have been partners for so long Let’s discuss Our conflicting views In our bed You are a Capitalist I am a Socialist You believe in Bush I hate your trust in Bush Let’s talk politics Let’s talk what happens in Iraq Without us fighting each other Bed is not only a place to sleep Bed is not only for making love Bed is not only to release the tiredness Shouldn't bed be a place for Democracy? Life is not a Bed of Roses Marriage is not complete silence My mind is full of views and opinions Let’s talk politics Let’s forget sex for a moment Tell me Do you believe in Democracy in Bed?
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Women Behaving Badly
As the struggle for women's empowerment continues in many low-income countries, there is a general expectation that women who manage to get into leadership positions will be committed to the empowerment struggle. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case. While there are women who have excellently upheld integrity and honesty in their leadership roles, sadly, there are other women who can easily match their male counterparts in corruption, greed and other leadership malfeasance...
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