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LIVE! from South Africa: Blog Entry 2
For two weeks in November 2008, Women, Power and Politics Curator Masum Momaya blogged from Cape Town, South Africa, where she met with hundreds of women artists, activists and advocates from all over the world...
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Racism in upcoming U.S. elections..Remember the Titans?
It is THE Elephant in the room... Yes we can talk about gender but that's not the only thing that America is talking about in the privacy of their living rooms. I have had friends (maybe ex-friends by now) tell me right out that they will not vote for a black man. It can't just be happening to me...
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Leading Like a Girl: For Men Only?
Recently, the financial gurus at Motley Fool ran a provocative piece on financial prowess. Their prime assertion: Warren Buffet invests like a girl...
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What Women Voters Want
Melinda Henneberger is a journalist who has covered politics since 1994, including 10 years at the New York Times. In 2007 she published a book called If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Politicians to Hear. While researching this book, she spent eighteen months traveling across the United States and listening to what women of all ages, races, tax brackets and political views had to say about how they vote, what they care about, and what drives them crazy about candidates in both parties...
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Helping Mattie Vote in Overtown
On the campaign trail as a Deputy Field Organizer for the Barack Obama campaign, I encountered many women, in several states, of all ages, and from all stations of life, whose lives intersected with my own in a variety of ways...
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