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Governments Must Step Up So Women Don't Have to Step In
What role should governments play in providing basic necessities for their people? And who fills the gaps when governments fall short? The aftermath of the 2007-2008 bread crisis that erupted in Egypt highlights that women compensate when governments and others can't supply basic necessities such as health care, education and social services...
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We Can End the Food Crisis
Over the past year, global food prices have soared, making even the most basic foods--such as rice and corn--too expensive for the world's poor. The result? Millions of families are enduring extreme hunger or starvation...
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Headed For Collapse
Lester Brown, founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute, says we are both the perpetrators and victims of a global "Ponzi" scheme. We invest less and less in our global economy and caring for the planet, yet we expect to receive the same returns (or more) year after year. The recent food and financial crises are warning signs that unless we change--and change now--we are headed towards environmental and economic collapse...
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What Does Gender Have to Do with Hunger?
For World Food Day 2009, the International Food Policy Research Institute presented compelling new research that confirms strong links between gender inequality and global hunger...
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Seeds of Resistance
"Seeds are our mother," declares physicist and activist Vandana Shiva, founder of the revolutionary Indian seed-saving organization Navdanya. The organization's name translates as "nine crops." Its mission: To support local farmers and rescue and conserve crops that are being pushed into extinction...
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