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Remembering Makadhani Narayan
Mandakini Narayan was born in 1925 in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. She grew up in Grant Road, Mumbai watching and listening to the political speeches of Gandhiji and other leaders at August Kranti Maidan. As a student of New Era School, she joined ‘Monkey Army" created by Usha Mehta...
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Si Se Puede: We Can Do It!
I.M.O.W. Global Council member Dolores Huerta sat down with the I.M.O.W. team to discuss how women's leadership is needed at every level--from individual households and workplaces to trade unions and national government--to steer a new direction for the economy. Huerta co-founded the U.S.-based United Farm Workers union with César Chávez and is currently the president of the Dolores Huerta Foundation, which specializes in community organizing...
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Connecting Local and Global
It has been said that women who are closest to the world's most pressing issues are best placed to solve them. In many countries, women are adjusting to large-scale economic changes through community-based, grassroots organizing efforts...
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Women Empowered to Fight Global Poverty
We know that when women organize and participate in the economy, their household incomes increase, allowing them to invest in their families' health care, food and education and providing a solid foundation for stability and development in their communities. But in developing countries where there is widespread gender discrimination and little or no industry or private sector jobs, women often have to create their own economic opportunity...
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From the Ground Up
I.M.O.W. Global Council member Joyce Mungherera, former vice president of the World YWCA and Freedom from Hunger laureate, argues that supporting women by focusing on the grassroots can be the best way to advance a community. Mungherera has seen grassroots organizing work firsthand; she served as the executive director of the YWCA in Uganda for 30 years, working from the ground up to improve women's literacy, access to family planning and overall quality of life...
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Mujeres Constructoras
Mujeres Constructoras in Nicaragua redefines "domestic labor." This innovative organization trains women in electrical work and carpentry, in the process changing their lives, the community and the country. All photographs by Paola Gianturco.
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A Little Hope
Chhoti Si Asha is a non-profit center that offers vocational training and literacy skills to street children of Chandigarh, India. Founded by Liza Chawla in April 2006, the program began when a group of children who used to beg for alms expressed a wish to study. Gradually, the older siblings of these children began attending...
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The Barefoot Approach
Filmmaker Sumithra Prasanna visits a unique institution in India that relies on community members, rather than experts, to help solve local problems...
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Two Million Women Leaders and Counting
When Mahatma Gandhi envisioned a truly independent and democratic India, he envisioned gram swaraj-village self-rule. For Gandhi, true village autonomy meant that all adults--women and men--work together to ensure their village's self-reliance in meeting basic needs.
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