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Women's Funds Redefine the "Pie"
In the current culture of charitable giving, especially during the 2008-2009 global economic crisis, both donors and funding seekers tend to assume there is a finite and shrinking "pie" of resources available. This means that women's groups must compete against other worthy "causes" for money. Through the unique vehicle of women's funds--pools of money dedicated to helping women and girls--women's advocates are tapping new sources of support and challenging the idea that there is only so much to go around...
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Why Invest in Women?
Investing in women teaches them to live up to their full potential, lightens the load on social programs and shows investors how money can be used as a tool for social justice, says Emilenne de León, executive director of Semillas, the only fund in Mexico dedicated to women...
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When Women Flex Their Philanthropic Power
As part of women's funds, women worldwide are exerting more and more economic power as donors and philanthropists. "For the first time in history, women of wealth are giving boldly to women," says Helen LaKelly Hunt, co-founder of Women Moving Millions, a campaign that has propelled women's philanthropy to new levels by raising over $180 million for projects that support women and girls...
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Women Empowered to Fight Global Poverty
We know that when women organize and participate in the economy, their household incomes increase, allowing them to invest in their families' health care, food and education and providing a solid foundation for stability and development in their communities. But in developing countries where there is widespread gender discrimination and little or no industry or private sector jobs, women often have to create their own economic opportunity...
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Giving to Women Means Getting More
The importance of money in the women's movement is often overlooked. However, money has fueled women's ability to overcome critical challenges to equality around the world...
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