Pillar Program

The Pillars of the International Museum of Women, like the structural pillars of a building, create the foundation and strength of our organization. Individuals, families, foundations and corporations who donate at a level of $500,000 or more are honored in the Pillar Program of the International Museum of Women, and are prominently recognized and acknowledged by the museum. To learn more about how you to participate in the Pillar Program email support@imow.org or visit here to make your secure online contribution today.

IMOW is an innovative online social change museum, curating the art, stories and ideas of women around the world. IMOW’s award-winning exhibitions focus on timely global issues and inspire creativity, provoke debate and spark direct action among an ever-growing global community with free, 24/7 access to the Museum’s interactive content.

IMOW serves as an exemplar of how to create a meaningful museum in the digital age – there is simply nothing else like it for women and girls worldwide. IMOW Pillars are leading the way in collecting, preserving, and telling the stories of women and girls in the world.

To date, the museum has hosted nearly 3 million visitors from more than 200 countries, featured thousands of untold stories and sparked global dialogue on critical contemporary issues from identity and political representation to the financial crisis and the global economy.  These efforts are complemented by deep global outreach  - in the past year alone, IMOW held events in the Sudan, the Philippines, Denmark, Costa Rica and Argentina. Over 60% of exhibition visitors say that IMOW’s content prompted them to take action or change their opinion on vital issues of women’s human rights and empowerment.

Your Pillar gift will ensure that the Museum continues to expand its global reach and advance the lives of women around the world. For information about initiating your own Pillar, contact our Director of Development reachable by phone at 415-543-4669, x22 or email support@imow.org.


We are deeply grateful for the support of the incredible advocates of IMOW who have completed Pillars. Thank you for being the foundation of the International Museum of Women!

Elizabeth Colton

Denise Allen

The IMOW Board


The following Pillars, created by multiple donors from the same family, organization, or entity, are currently on their way to completion. IMOW thanks you for your support!

The Lykes Family

Women Donors Network

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