Cicciolina's performance of her song POLITICAL WOMAN on Italian national television is a must see.

She performs this seemingly silly song wearing an equivalent of a sequined bathing suit, high heels and her signature crown of flowers. The performance is all high kicks, twirls and mild strip-tease. To top it all off, she concludes by placing her high-heeled foot on top of a male audience member’s head. It all appears at once absurd, pornographically oneiric and playfully irreverent.

But if you listen to the words of her song, you will hear her flinging accusations against her fellow parliament members. After a short, barely comprehensible spell of singing in English, her song becomes an endless refrain of the chorus: “Political woman, political woman/ I’m coming now in parliament.”

Her singing is constantly interrupted by complaining voices of male politicians: “Your Honor, she wants publicity/ But publicity is only for us;” “Your Honor, she is dangerous/ She is more obscene than us;” “Honorable Staller, don’t you worry about drugs/ We will think about them;” “Honorable Staller, the ozone hole is ours.”

However, as she flings these abuses, Cicciolina doesn’t stop smiling, striping and dancing. The entire performance is eerie and uncomfortable for an Italian speaker because it contradicts the content of her song.

Cicciolina, there is no doubt, is accusing the male parliament members of dealing in drugs, destroying the environment, being obscene and craving media attention. It's just that her packaging is different.

If you are interested in knowing more about Cicciolina and if you read Italian, you should pick up her BIOGRAPHY, which came out earlier this year.