Cocoa Women of Juaso

A Dream No Longer Deferred

The forty woman-membered soap making cooperative was developed in Juaso, Ghana in the summer of 2008. Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa in the world. Women exercise ingenuity by using the cocoa husk discarded by the farmers to make soap. The income generated from the cooperative supported the livelihoods of the women and their families, as well as funded their children's school fees.

Erica Dolland
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Erica Dolland
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Erica Dolland
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A populace of educated people promotes and sustains the functioning of democratic societies. When individuals are well informed, they are capable of exercising sound and rationale judgement that will serve the interests of themselves and their communities.

But women must not be excluded. Who are men to decide the fate of a nation? In the democratic country of Ghana, poor women are largely excluded from the democratic process because they are illiterate, as well as their children, and can not afford to send them to school.

Capital gain, through women business cooperatives, provides women with the financial resources necessary to support themselves, deter child labor, and fund their children's school fees.

A holistic, law abiding, sound government requires the voices and participation of all. The voices of women must be heard throughout Ghana and the entire motherland. By placing money into the hands of women, that process begins.


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