How modern parents can control children with a phone app for android

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Overview of the phone tracker app

Why use parent control programs?

Kids these days spend too much time on their devices and thus a phone tracker app comes in handy. That’s not all, there is a high possibility of them going into restricted areas. This is a parent’s nightmare and they must come up with ingenious ways to curb this. One way that has proven fruitful is through the use of a phone tracker app. Tracker apps have many interesting features that make it essential in observing your child. That’s not all, they are completely lightweight while some are free. One such app for the Android users that comes highly recommended is the Hoverwatch phone tracker app. The app is fairly legal and to use the app, the parent must install it on their child’s or employee’s phone and can simply get the necessary data via the free online account created before downloading the app.

What are the capabilities of the control program

The software has some capabilities that make it useful. These capabilities are the features of the software and they include:

  • Stealth Mode: While using the app, the administrator, that is the guardian, in this case, can turn on the stealth mode and observe the child. The feature allows for invisible or hidden monitoring of the child. The invisible tracker cannot be easily found. This function is activated by checking the Activate Invisible Mode option on the app. This feature makes you invisible from other Android users.
  • Calls, Texts, and Contacts: When using the Hoverwatch app, the guardian has the ability to observe and check on the call logs, view texts and even have access to the contacts. This is essentials as the guardian will know what the child is up to and can keep them safe from meeting with strangers and fraudsters. The guardian can also use the app to record calls, track calls too and also track texts.
  • Internet History: The app has the ability to monitor the Internet History by saving all the data of the sites visited. This is like the normal browser history but on the app.
  • Social Platforms: Whether on Facebook, Snapchat or WhatsApp, the guardian can monitor what the child is doing on these social platforms. The app saves any and all information shared via the social platforms, such as text, images, videos, and other documents. The Guardian has the ability to access this information and they can even do it invisibly, that is the Android user being observed won’t have to know.
  • GPS Location: Figure out where your child is by using the GPS Locator function. This function operates online and the guardian can see the child’s location on a detailed map. The app can also gather location information via Wi-Fi hotspots, though the information obtained via this way may not be very reliable. The GPS Location data, on the other hand, is very reliable and updates regularly in case they are moving through many different locations.
  • Other Impressive Features: The app is able to take screenshots of currently ongoing processes. The screenshots are saved on cloud and can be accessed via any device that can connect to the internet. These screenshots are periodic when the user is on the Android device. Hoverwatch app will also detect any SIM-Card change, and will also automatically save and the guardian will have the ability to access the calls, texts, and contacts associated with the new SIM-Card. The app has the ability to monitor the to-do lists as well as any other saved plans and agendas including calendars. A camera function is also incorporated and activates when the user unlocks their phone, this is to keep track of who has the phone. The best thing about the Hoverwatch phone tracker app is that it gives the administrator the ability to monitor and observe up to 5 devices using a single account.

What can be learned when using the program in a child

Using the program on a child, a couple of things can be learned. This is depending on their daily activities. Kids tend to be jovial and inquisitive, using a tracker app will defiantly show the guarding what the child is up to on their devices and gives the guardian fore-knowledge on how to deal with any scenario. Some of the things the parent can learn from observing the child include:

  • Their browsing habits and what they do on social platforms: The guardian will know what sites they visit and what they do online. Who they talk to on social platforms and how they use the social platforms
  • The locations they frequent: Guardians will know where their children go to, either after school or during their free time.
  • Figure out their plans and understand what they are doing, via their agendas, calendars, events, and plans.

Examples of using the application

  • The can also be used in businesses to monitor employees, what they are doing and where they are during working hours.
  • The app can be used in case a child goes missing. If they have their Android phone on them the guardian can use the GPS Locator to find their child.
  • Restrict children from certain behavior online or visiting certain sites. This is because the parent has access to the child’s phone and knows what they are doing online.

Pros and Cons of Using Applications


  • Find the exact GPS Location
  • Remotely Monitor in stealth mode
  • Monitor Online Activity
  • View call logs, texts, and contacts
  • Supports a number of devices on a single account


  • Though some have free sign-ups, one has to purchase a plan to use the app.
  • To enjoy certain perks require having premium plans
  • To use the app, an internet connection is required. One must be online.

Conclusions and results on the Phone Tracker app.

To use the Hoverwatch app, one has to sign up for a free account, then download the app. After downloading and installing the app, they can monitor the Android users via the online account created. The app has a free trial period, but to enjoy more fantastic perks plans for a paid membership must come in order. The Hoverwatch phone tracker app is compatible with a number of devices, ranging from iOS, Windows and Mac Operating Systems and is very easy to use.