MSpy tool

Why use control program

Everybody understands the advantages that technology hasbrought to us but there are also several disadvantages especially when it comes to children safety and only mobile phone tracker can help. It is amazing how phones have become so common and most people cannot survive without these gadgets. Well, unlike in the past when only adults owned phones and children were not allowed to touch, things have changed. Mobile phones have become so cheap that even very young kids can now get their own phones even if their parents don’t buy them. What every parent out there should worry about however is not their children owning phones but what they do with these phones when nobody is watching.

The introduction of smartphones has put children in so much danger as they use these gadgets in most inappropriate ways. The first place that most children especially the ones in their teenage is the internet. This is not a very good place for children. The internet exposes children to pornography, cyberbullying and negative peer influence. We all know all the negative effects all these three things can have on innocent children. For this reason, parents have all the reasons to control their children using parent control programs in order to protect their innocent children. MSpy tool is the best solution to this.

Capabilities of mSpy mobile phone tracker

If you are worried about what your kid’s are up to whenever they are glued to their phone, MSpy tool should be your friend. This tool can monitor everything that takes place in a person’s phone without their knowledge. This software can run on your child’s phone to monitor every single activity that your child does without being noticed. Here is a list of things you can do with mSpy tool.

  • MSpy can give you access to your child’s phone and allow you to view their calls, Whatsapp chats, text messages, call history, GPS location audios, videos, images and files.
  • It is compatible with both android and iOS devices together with computers both windows and Mac.
  • Easy to download and install since it requires no technical skills, only that you need to access the target phone.
  • Remote monitoring so the kid won’t suspect anything.
  • It organizes information in a way that it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for by just typing the keyword and searching.
  • Alerts and restrictions help you organize internet activities where you can block sites you are not comfortable with.
  • Excellent customer support
  • You can view browser history and see what your child have been up to while you were busy.

What you can learn when using mSpy mobile phone tracker on your child

Children are usually naughty and experimental as well. They always want to know things which expose them to danger. MSpy teaches you that social media is the biggest danger that your kid can get exposed to and as a parent it is your responsibility to ensure that this doesn’t happen. By tracking all activities of your children including internet activities, calls, text messages, etc. you can know when your children are headed to the wrong direction and correct them before they get in trouble.

Examples of using the app

  1. Overseeing call logs. With this app, parents can easily view their children call history, see the dates and time when the calls were made and also the durations of the call. You can also choose to block calls from a number that seems suspicious.
  2. Review charts. MSpy enables you to read all your child’s charts including text messages, SnapChat, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp chats. You will also get notified on your control panel and discover early enough if your child is involved in any inappropriate chats. You can read all sent and received messages even if they are deleted.
  3. GPS Location tracking. With this app, you will always know the location of your child with the GPS tracker. You will always know your child’s route zones and know the locations your child frequents.
  4. Monitor web browsing. You can always know what your child does on the internet by monitoring their web browsing. You can view their browsing history, times, durations, bookmarks etc. this feature also allows you to block the sites you are suspicious about.
  5. Scan media content. You can view all the photos and videos that your child shares via any media. You can see the kind of photos or videos your child views and block any nudes.

Pros and cons of MSpy mobile phone tracker


  • With mSpy, you can block other sites so that your child cannot access them
  • App helps parents to protect their kids from any harm
  • You can track a stolen phone with MSpy
  • You can track your loved ones such as family, friends or kids with the app if ever they get lost


  • You cant use this app without an iPhone jailbreak
  • The app disturbs other people’s privacy
  • Children can become rebellious if they notice you are tracking them

Conclusion and results

Knowing the activities that children do on their phone whether online or offline is very important for parents as this gives them some peace of mind. Children are easy to influence especially with their peers and they can get involved in very dangerous activities such as drug abuse or pornography. Internet abuse can also cause your child psychological effects and they may become withdrawn or rebellious. MSpy gives you the opportunity to make everything right by knowing the kind of friends your children hangs out with, the places they visit and the kind of activities they get involved in on the internet.

Many people have benefited from this app and can breathe a sigh of relief after knowing that their children are safe wherever they are and are not involved in any dubious activities. Most parents care about the safety of their children and do not like making any assumptions. Instead of waiting for things to happen, they take initiative and buy the app to protect their children. The spy takes very few minutes to install on the target phone and is very easy to use afterwards without any fears of getting caught because there is no way the person will notice the spy. It is also very pocket friendly with various subscription options to choose from when installing this amazing mobile phone tracker.